I am Mark Meyers.  I grew up in St. Louis, as a boundary pusher and a resourceful agent of fun.  I have always had a passion for storytelling and production.  I spent my time as a child building tree houses and BMX courses, hosting haunted houses and comedy shows, watching movies, and imagining my name in the credit sequence.  I was an athlete in high school at DeSmet Jesuit, and moved on to Bradley University, where I took theater classes my senior year.  After college, my lifelong dream had gained strength, and I joined a theater group on Sanibel, Florida.  Having set my sights on the West Coast, I took a leap of faith and moved to Los Angeles, where I worked as an actor and a production assistant.  I quickly proved myself and moved up to working as a line producer with A-list talent on big budget commercials.  My award winning work has been aired on the Super Bowl for multiple years in a row.  After leaving Los Angeles for the East Coast, I felt called to elevate my creative side, and I began successfully producing and directing content for clients such as Farm Bureau, BF Goodrich, Lumber Liquidators, Pizza Hut, Timberland and Walmart.  I have also had the honor of working with several non-profit organizations such as Feeding America, American Cancer Society and Earth University.  My goal is to create captivating content that connects emotionally with people, whether laughter, compassion, or a warm fuzzy feeling, in order to improve the quality of life of our audience.


My name is Jeanne Clark.  I grew up in Indianapolis, with and active imagination and a drive to conquer my fears, whether it was performing on stage or succeeding at something I was told I couldn’t accomplish.  Writing, storytelling, painting, design and all things theatrical have always been of great interest to me, as I recall some of my first memories of composing elaborate dress-up sessions with my sister and cousin to put on improve shows for our parents.  In high school, I spent my time in the visual arts, creative writing, and dabbled in photography, where I was encouraged to explore marketing and visual communication.  After high school, I attended Herron School of Art at IUPUI, then continued on to Dallas.  I became involved with a community theater group, working closely with a brilliant mentor.  Through this experience, I found my voice.  I found that I have the words, I have the eye, I have the choreography, and I have a strong desire to connect with the audience.  I’ve worked in set design, wardrobe and make-up artistry, which exposed me to the film and print industry, but I felt I had so much more to contribute. I was fortunate to work on several projects with Mark after moving to Florida, and even more fortunate to find that our missions are aligned. Having a diverse creative background, a passion for storytelling, and a strong work ethic has lead me to develop a partnership within Mark’n’Clark, so that we can effectively combine our talents and resources to create your story.